Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels

Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels

Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240​ Softgels ​– Lemon Flavored –⁣ Burpless (Enteric-Coated) | EPA 1200mg + DHA 900mg | Deep Sea Fish, Wild Caught from Norwegian Waters

Triple Strength Omega‍ 3 Fish Oil ⁤Supplements are a powerful ⁢and reliable source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. ​With ⁤4200mg per serving, ⁣these softgels provide a potent⁢ dose​ of omega-3s that can support various aspects⁢ of your health. ​Infused with a refreshing lemon flavor and made with burpless enteric-coated technology, these softgels are⁤ designed to ⁢enhance your experience by minimizing fishy⁤ burps‌ and​ aftertastes.

Each pouch​ contains 240​ softgels, ensuring a long-lasting supply. The enteric coating technology used in the ⁣manufacturing process ‍facilitates easy ⁣digestion, allowing ‍you to‍ reap the benefits of omega-3s without any discomfort. With ‍every 3-softgel serving, you can enjoy 1200mg⁣ EPA and 900mg DHA, two crucial omega-3 fatty acids that provide numerous ⁤health benefits.

One of the significant‌ advantages of these supplements is that they are made from deep​ sea fish⁢ caught in the pristine Norwegian waters. This⁤ ensures that you are ingesting the highest quality⁢ fish oil, which is rich in EPA‍ and DHA. Furthermore, the fish oil is⁤ purified to remove heavy metals like mercury and other harmful contaminants,⁣ guaranteeing a ‍safe and pure‍ product.

Taking these supplements regularly can have a profound ⁤impact on your health. Omega-3s ​are known to promote heart‍ health and brain‍ health, ensuring that your⁤ cardiovascular and cognitive systems are functioning optimally. Additionally, their long-term use⁣ has been ‍linked ​to supporting a positive mood, joint ⁣strength, and immune⁤ defense.

Moreover, these softgels are made from premium non-GMO sources and are free ⁤from soy, dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts. At ⁣Micro‌ Ingredients, ​we prioritize safety and purity, ‍and⁤ all our ingredients undergo rigorous‌ 3rd party lab tests to ensure that you receive‌ a product⁤ that ‌is potent‌ and reliable.

If ⁣you are looking ⁣to incorporate‍ omega-3 fatty acids ‍into ⁢your daily ‍routine, Triple Strength Omega 3​ Fish Oil Supplements are an excellent choice. With their high EPA and DHA content, enteric-coated technology for easy digestion, and the guarantee⁣ of a safe and pure⁣ product, these softgels ⁤are⁤ an‍ essential addition to your supplement regimen.⁤ Invest in your health and experience the benefits of omega-3s today.


Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements⁢ 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels
Overview: ⁣The ‌Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil‌ Supplements deliver a powerful dose ⁢of essential‌ omega-3 fatty acids in⁤ each serving. With 1200mg EPA and 900mg DHA, these⁣ lemon-flavored softgels ​offer numerous health benefits for both men and women. The enteric coated technology ensures easy digestion and minimizes unpleasant fishy burps and aftertaste.

One of the key features⁤ of this ⁤product​ is its​ high-quality Norwegian fish oil derived from wild-caught deep sea fish. The oil ‍is purified to remove heavy metals such as mercury and other contaminants, ensuring a safe ‍and ‌pure supplement. This means you can consume these softgels with confidence, knowing that they have‌ undergone rigorous 3rd party lab tests to guarantee their safety and​ potency.

In addition to promoting heart ⁣and brain health, these triple strength ‌omega-3 fish oil⁢ softgels can also positively‌ impact your mood, joint strength, and immune defense​ when taken consistently over time.⁣ The premium non-GMO formula is free from soy, ​dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, ⁢and tree nuts, making it suitable for various dietary preferences and restrictions.

With 240 ⁣softgels per pouch,‌ you get an ample supply of this high-potency omega-3‌ nutritional supplement. The enteric coated ‍technology ensures easy digestion and minimizes any unpleasant fishy aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of omega-3s without⁢ any ‍discomfort. These ⁢softgels are a convenient and efficient​ way to incorporate ‍omega-3 fatty acids into your⁤ daily routine. Start taking these supplements today and experience the positive impact ⁢they can have on your overall health and well-being.

The benefits ‌of Triple Strength⁢ Omega ​3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving

Triple ⁣Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels
The Triple Strength Omega 3 ⁣Fish Oil Supplements offer a wide range of benefits for individuals looking to enhance their overall health. With each serving containing 4200mg of omega 3 fish oil, these softgels are a powerful and convenient way ​to support‍ heart health, brain function, and⁢ more.

One of ⁢the standout features of these⁢ supplements is the enteric coated technology ⁤used in the softgel production. This technology allows for easy digestion and significantly reduces unpleasant fishy burps and aftertaste. This means that individuals can enjoy the benefits of omega 3 fish ⁢oil ‌without any discomfort.

Each serving of the Triple Strength‌ Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements provides ⁣a substantial amount of EPA ⁢(1200mg) ​and DHA (900mg). These essential omega 3 ⁤fatty acids have been extensively researched and have been linked to numerous⁤ health benefits. From supporting‌ heart health to promoting ‍positive ​mood, joint strength, and immune ‍defense, these ⁢supplements are a comprehensive solution for overall well-being.

In ‌addition, the fish ⁣oil used in these supplements is sourced from wild-caught Norwegian fresh fish, ensuring high levels of EPA and ‍DHA. The oil⁣ is also ⁤purified to⁤ remove ⁣heavy metals ​like mercury and any other harmful contaminants, providing a safe and ⁣pure product.

The ‌Triple ⁢Strength Omega⁢ 3 Fish Oil‍ Supplements are also free from soy, dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts, making them suitable ‍for a‍ wide range of dietary⁤ needs. The premium non-GMO omega 3 fatty acid formula is also backed by third-party ⁣lab tests, further ensuring the⁣ safety, purity, and ⁢potency of the product.

Overall, the Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish ⁣Oil​ Supplements​ are a​ powerful‌ and​ effective way to incorporate‍ the benefits ⁢of omega 3 fatty acids into your daily routine. With their high ​potency, enteric coated softgels, and carefully sourced ingredients, these supplements offer ⁣a convenient and reliable solution for individuals seeking to support their overall health.

Product Features:⁤

Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil‍ Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels
Product Features:

The⁢ Triple ​Strength Omega⁣ 3 ⁤Fish ⁣Oil‌ Supplements offer an impressive‍ list of ⁤features that make​ them a standout choice ⁣for those looking to improve ⁤their overall​ health and⁢ well-being. With each pouch‍ containing 240 potent softgels made ⁣with enteric-coated technology,⁣ these ⁢supplements are designed to be easy to​ digest, minimizing any unwanted fishy‍ burps or aftertaste.

One of the main attractions ⁤of these supplements is the high ⁢concentration of essential omega-3 fatty⁣ acids they provide. With each 3-softgel serving, you can enjoy 1200mg ​of‌ EPA and 900mg⁤ of DHA, which have been shown to have numerous health‌ benefits. From ‌promoting heart and brain health ​to‍ supporting a ⁣positive mood, joint ‍strength, and ‍immune defense over time, these supplements offer a well-rounded boost to your overall well-being.

Not only do these fish oil ⁣supplements offer powerful health benefits, ⁤but they⁤ are also carefully crafted to ensure safety and potency. The fish‍ oil used in ‍these softgels is sourced from⁣ wild-caught Norwegian fish, retaining high levels of EPA and ⁤DHA. Furthermore, the oil is ⁤purified to remove heavy metals‍ like⁤ mercury and other harmful contaminants, ensuring that you are‌ consuming ‍a pure and safe‍ product.

In line with their commitment to quality, the makers of these supplements ⁢have made sure to exclude any ​unwanted ingredients. They are made without soy, dairy,‌ gluten, flavors, ⁢preservatives, ⁤colors, ‍and tree nuts, making them suitable for a wide range of⁢ dietary needs.⁣ Additionally, each batch of ​ingredients undergoes rigorous 3rd party lab testing to verify safety, purity, and⁣ potency.

In summary, the Triple Strength Omega 3⁣ Fish Oil Supplements offer a powerful‌ combination of health benefits, convenience, ⁤and quality. With easy-to-digest softgels, high levels of EPA and ⁤DHA, and a commitment to⁤ safety​ and purity,​ these ​supplements are a reliable ‌choice for anyone looking to enhance their overall ⁣well-being.

Highlighting ⁢the‌ Lemon Flavored, Burpless (Enteric-Coated)⁤ aspect of the Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

Triple Strength Omega 3 ‍Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels
The Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements are⁢ a powerful ‍and‌ beneficial ⁤addition ​to anyone's daily routine. With 240 ⁢softgels⁣ per pouch, ⁤each packed with 4200mg of omega-3 fish oil, these supplements ⁢provide a potent dose​ of essential nutrients. What sets this product apart is its lemon‍ flavor and burpless (enteric-coated) technology, which ensures easy digestion and eliminates the unpleasant aftertaste and burping often associated with⁤ fish‌ oil.

One ⁣of the standout features of these ​supplements ⁤is their high EPA (1200mg) and DHA (900mg) content per serving. EPA and‌ DHA are omega-3 fatty acids that ⁢play a crucial ‌role in supporting heart​ health, brain ​function, and overall well-being. By ‍incorporating these supplements into their daily routine, individuals can reap the benefits of improved heart health, ​enhanced cognitive function, and ​even a positive ⁤mood.

Moreover, these supplements‍ are made​ from wild-caught Norwegian fish, ensuring the highest‌ quality and purity. They undergo a purification⁤ process to remove ⁤heavy metals ⁣such as mercury⁣ and other harmful contaminants, making them safe for⁣ consumption. Additionally, the fish ‌oil ‌used in‌ these supplements is derived from specific⁤ triglycerides, which have ‌been shown to have superior‌ absorption compared to other forms of omega-3 fatty acids.

For those‌ concerned about potential allergens or ⁣dietary restrictions, these supplements are a suitable choice. They are ⁢made ‍without‍ soy, dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts. The ingredients undergo ⁢rigorous third-party lab tests⁤ to guarantee a safe, pure, and potent product.

In conclusion, the Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil⁣ Supplements offer a convenient ​and effective way to incorporate essential omega-3 fatty acids into one's daily routine. With ​their lemon⁣ flavor, enteric-coated ⁣technology, and ‌high EPA and DHA content, they provide numerous health benefits ⁢while avoiding the unpleasant side effects often associated with fish oil. Whether aiming to ⁤support heart⁣ health, enhance brain function, or ​simply improve overall well-being, these supplements‍ are a reliable choice.

Detailed Insights ‍and Recommendations:

Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg ⁤Per Serving, 240 Softgels
Detailed Insights and Recommendations:

The Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels are a‍ powerful addition⁣ to any daily‌ supplement routine. With its high potency​ and enteric coated technology, these softgels offer easy digestion and ​a reduced risk of fishy burps and aftertaste. Made from deep⁣ sea ⁤fish ‌caught in the ⁣pristine waters of Norway, these supplements provide active EPA and DHA, essential omega 3​ fatty acids‍ that offer numerous health benefits.

One pouch of these supplements contains 240 softgels, ⁢each providing 1200mg of⁢ EPA and 900mg of DHA in a 3-softgel serving. This potent combination ‍of‌ omega-3s is known to⁤ promote heart ⁣and brain health, making it an‍ ideal choice for overall well-being.⁣ Moreover, the omega-3s in ‍these‌ supplements ⁣are‌ purified to remove heavy metals and other harmful contaminants, ensuring a safe⁣ and‍ pure product that you can rely on.

In addition to its cardiovascular and cognitive benefits, ⁣the Triple Strength⁣ Omega⁢ 3‌ Fish Oil Supplements also have the potential to support ⁣a positive mood, joint‌ strength, and immune defense when taken consistently over a long period ⁢of time. This makes them a versatile ⁢choice for those looking ⁤to enhance their overall health and well-being.

Furthermore, this ⁣product is ​made with premium non-GMO omega 3 fatty acids and ⁢is free ‌from soy,​ dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts. The ingredients undergo 3rd party lab tests to ensure the safety, purity, ‍and potency of the supplement.

In⁣ conclusion, the Triple‍ Strength Omega 3 ‌Fish Oil Supplements⁣ 4200mg Per Serving, 240 Softgels are a ⁢superior choice ​for anyone ​seeking⁤ a high-quality omega-3 supplement. With their enteric coated technology, potent EPA⁣ and DHA levels, and rigorous testing for ​safety and purity,‌ these softgels offer exceptional benefits for heart health, brain health, mood, joint strength, and immune defense. Incorporate them ⁣into your ‌daily routine for optimal well-being.

Triple Strength Omega ⁣3 Fish ​Oil Supplements‍ 4200mg⁢ Per Serving,‌ 240 ‌Softgels
When ‍it‍ comes to getting your daily dose ​of omega-3 fatty acids, look no ​further‌ than Triple Strength Omega 3⁢ Fish Oil Supplements. These lemon-flavored softgels are ‌a convenient and⁢ effective way to support⁣ your overall health. Made ⁢with enteric coated technology, they are‍ easy to digest and minimize the⁣ unpleasant⁢ aftertaste and fishy burps that can often accompany⁢ fish oil ‍supplements.

Each pouch contains ⁣240 potent softgels, providing you with a⁣ generous supply of omega-3s. In⁤ every 3-softgel serving, ‌you'll find 1200mg‍ of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 900mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These essential ‌omega-3 fatty acids are known for their numerous health benefits, including promoting heart health ​and⁤ supporting brain function.

What sets Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil ⁣Supplements ‌apart ‌is the high-quality fish oil ‌sourced from deep sea ‍fish caught⁤ in ‍the pristine waters of Norway. The fish oil undergoes ⁢a purification‍ process to ⁤remove heavy metals like mercury⁣ and​ other harmful contaminants, ensuring‍ a⁤ safe and pure product.

Not ⁣only is this omega-3 supplement efficient and​ effective, but it is also made with premium non-GMO ingredients. It is⁤ free from soy,​ dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts,⁤ making it‌ suitable for individuals with ⁣dietary restrictions⁢ or sensitivities. The ingredients⁢ are rigorously tested by ⁤third-party labs to ensure their safety, ⁣purity, and potency.

For optimal results, it is recommended​ to take at⁣ least ​one softgel ⁣per day. With​ regular use over time, this supplement ​may‍ not only support heart and ‌brain ‌health but also promote a positive mood, joint strength, and immune defense.

Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish ‌Oil Supplements are a reliable and⁢ convenient way to incorporate omega-3 ‍fatty acids into your daily⁣ routine.‌ With their enteric coated technology, pleasant lemon flavor, and potent EPA and⁢ DHA content, ⁣these softgels ensure that you're getting the optimal dosage for overall health and well-being.

Pros & Cons


  1. High potency: ⁣Each ⁣serving‍ of these fish oil supplements contains 4200mg of omega-3 fatty acids, providing a⁢ high concentration of EPA⁣ and DHA. This ensures that you are getting a strong dose of ​essential omega-3s with every softgel.
  2. Easy digestion: The enteric-coated⁣ technology used in these softgels allows for easy digestion ‍and absorption. This means ‍that you won't experience the ⁤fishy burps and aftertaste commonly associated with fish oil supplements.
  3. Purified formula: The specific triglyceride omega-3 fish oil used​ in these⁤ supplements is carefully purified to remove heavy metals like mercury and other harmful contaminants. This ensures‍ that ​you are consuming a clean and safe product.
  4. Health‍ benefits: These ​fish‍ oil supplements​ offer a⁤ range of health benefits. They promote heart health by supporting healthy cholesterol⁢ levels ⁢and​ maintaining​ normal blood pressure. They also support brain health, which can improve cognitive function and⁤ memory.⁣ Additionally, taking these supplements over a long period of time may support a positive mood, ⁣joint​ strength, and immune defense.
  5. Non-GMO and ⁤allergen-free: ​These‌ supplements are made with non-GMO ingredients ⁢and are free from​ soy, dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts. This makes them⁣ suitable ⁣for⁤ individuals‍ with specific dietary restrictions or allergies.
  6. Rigorous testing: The ingredients used in these supplements are subjected to third-party⁢ lab tests to ensure that they meet the highest standards of ⁤safety, purity, and‍ potency. This provides reassurance ⁣that ⁤you are consuming ⁣a⁤ high-quality product.


  1. Dosage frequency:‌ These‍ supplements should be taken at least once per ⁣day to experience their full benefits. Some individuals may find it challenging to ‍remember to take a daily supplement.
  2. Potential side effects: While‌ most individuals tolerate fish ⁢oil supplements well, some may experience mild side effects such⁣ as fishy burps, nausea,‍ or diarrhea. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and consult with‍ a‌ healthcare professional if you experience any adverse effects.
  3. Price: These‍ supplements may be more⁢ expensive compared to other fish oil ​products on​ the‍ market.‌ The higher concentration ‌of ⁢EPA and DHA, as well as the‍ advanced enteric-coated​ technology, contribute to their higher price point.
  4. Availability: As⁤ with any product, there may be occasional issues with‌ availability due to high demand or manufacturing constraints. It is ‍advisable to purchase these supplements ‌from⁢ a ⁣reliable source to ‍ensure consistent supply.

    In conclusion, ​the Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil ⁤Supplements are a top-notch product that provides numerous health benefits. With each pouch‌ containing 240 softgels, these enteric‍ coated softgels ensure easy digestion, ​minimizing⁣ fishy ⁣burps ‍and⁢ aftertaste.​ Packed with 1200mg EPA and 900mg DHA, this supplement offers essential omega 3s for both men ⁤and women.

Not only ⁣is ‌the fish oil ‍in these softgels ⁤sourced from wild-caught Norwegian fish, but ⁣it‌ is also purified to eliminate heavy metals and harmful contaminants like ⁣mercury. This ensures a safe and​ pure product that you can‍ trust. Plus, with its efficient absorption ‌rate, taking just one‍ softgel per day can provide benefits to your heart health, brain health, ‍joint strength,‌ and immune defense.

Additionally, ‌these omega 3 softgels are made⁤ without soy, dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, ​and tree‍ nuts. They are also ‌non-GMO, ensuring a‌ premium quality supplement.

At Micro Ingredients, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction, which is why all of‍ our ingredients pass rigorous ⁣third-party lab tests. ​We believe in providing a product that is not only potent but also genuinely beneficial to your overall well-being.

Don't miss out on the​ chance to enhance your health​ with the Triple Strength Omega ⁣3 Fish Oil Supplements. Click here to order your⁢ supply today and experience the ⁣incredible benefits they have to offer: ⁣

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